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Add some color to your life!

OUT JAPAN has a variety of rainbow goods to suit every life occasion. 

Our online shop Rainbow Avenue has a variety of rainbow items to add some color to your life!

*At the moment, payment available only by bank transfers on the website. Credit card payments available from mid-November, 2020. If you wish to pay by credit cards, please contact us by email. 

Marble Surface

For Business

Are you thinking...

  • I want to show that I'm an LGBTQ friendly

  • I don't have the budget to prepare the original rainbow goods

  • I want to learn about LGBTQ

Here are some tips to get you started little by little within your company.

For example


Rainbow stickers

How about distributing these rainbow stickers to those who have taken the LGBTQ training? Since it is compact in size, it is an excellent one that can be casually stated even when it is attached to a mobile phone or a personal computer.


Rainbow flag

Putting a rainbow flag on your desk or reception may be one of the hottest topics to talk about in the workplace or with your clients. It's also a vivid accent at work.


For Private

The cute and fashionable rainbow goods are perfect as one of the fashion items. Click the product list and check what is available.
Choose your favorite items and add color to your life from today!




For Pride events

You might want to participate in a pride event, but don't know what kind of rainbow goods you should wear... Maybe you are worried. Rainbow Avenue goods can be used at work or at pride events!

Don't worry if you don't want to be too showy or want to substitute something that you already have.

It is enough to pull out the base of the tabletop rainbow flag at work and use it by hand, or to wear a large rainbow flag or towel, as shown in the picture below.


Let's enjoy the parade together!

We can also order niji-depot products not listed here, so please feel free to contact us.

Customer's Reviews

S.K.  Osaka

Rainbow Stickers

When exchanging business cards, there is a high probability that the other person will ask you, "What is this?", and it is effective for creating a topic for the first time meeting even though you are not aware of LGBTQ.

・You can talk about LGBTQ when you exchange business cards.

Contact Information

Out Japan
1-25-1 Nishishinjuku Shinjuku Center Building 49F

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

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At the moment, payment is done by bank transfer. If you wish to pay with a credit card, please contact us by email. 

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